November 30 2011 Wednesday at 02:24 PM

Linda M De La Torre - Hello World

Today Linda M De La Torre has launched a new range of Alpaca fur jackets, all handmade and exported from Peru to London. 

I am delighted to have finalised my sourcing of Alpaca from farms in Peru. I am proud to say that all my clothing and fur comes from farms who use sustainable farming methods.
I have a great team of seamstresses in Lima who through a long period of trial and error and many visits to and from the UK, we have now a precise and elegantly fitting range of clothing. I must also thank my family in Lima and in particular my brother Yuhri whose persistence and patience I have tested over the past 18 months. To my friends and family I am really delighted through my collection to be promoting my native Peru to the UK. 
In the short term I plan to sell my collection to fashion boutiques. If you might be interested in my garments then please get in touch.